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Monday, May 25


Those who are coming from Castiglion Fiorentino travelling to Cortona along the road sr 71 will certainly notice eastward the impressing shape of Montecchio Castle.

Between the castle and the jagged mountain tops of "Poggio del Casotto", of "Comunanze" and of "Monte le Civitelle" there is a quiet and peaceful valley hidden to the view of a hasty traveller.

At the foot of "Comunanze", towards Pievuccia, you can discover, far away from the traffic of sr 71, protected from car noises and pollution, the Organic Farm Holidays Business IL MORO that, in harmony with this enchanted place, gives hospitality to all those who are looking for peace and genuineness.

The Organic Farm Holidays Business IL MORO offers a high quality service and an autonomous production of food in compliance with the laws concerning the organic cultivation.

loc. Pievuccia, 301/B
52043 Italy Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo)
tel +39 0575 65 13 70 | fax +39 0575 1940378 | cell. +39 338 7178196 | Partita IVA 01663050514