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Monday, May 25


The Organic Farm IL MORO produces, in compliance with the international laws on organic cultivation, seasonal vegetables, wine and oil obtained by cold squeezing. A production that tries to combine traditional know-ledge and methods with higher quality requirements.

The Farm also rears poultry (hens, pigeons, ducks, rabits, gooses) kept free in their large fences and fed as our grand-fathers did. In the same way sheeps, pigs and cows complete a picture that tourists can not only admire but also taste thanks to an expert cuisine.

loc. Pievuccia, 301/B
52043 Italy Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo)
tel +39 0575 65 13 70 | fax +39 0575 1940378 | cell. +39 338 7178196 | Partita IVA 01663050514